Monday, November 1, 2010


My cousin's older sister recently asked her if I was a witch because of my name change. It's funny but I'm not at all surprised by this question at all. People have been trying to figure me out my entire life. When I was a child, other children would ask me if I was "crazy" so I tried to fit in so that they would think that I was like them. Suffice it to say, it didn't work. As a young adult, I tried on many guises trying to find one that suited me. I became a born again Christian (that didn't work out well at all), a trophy wife, and finally Afrocentric. As I grew into myself, I got a divorce and really began to explore whatever interested me. One of these things was witchcraft and voodoo. Witchcraft because it focused on women's power and voodoo because it focused on the power of African people. I also studied crystals, herbs and various forms of divination.

These all gave me insights into the woman I was going to be and they gave me my power because I understood my history as an African woman. I also stopped being considered crazy and became witch.

So what is a witch? Is she or he just someone who is alternative? Someone who practices earth based religions? Or is she someone who is capable of walking within her own power that is based on ancestral histories? For me, it is the last one. My power comes from the Earth and my ancestors that walked upon her back.


Holistic Living said...

We are all "witches" in one way or another... I define a witch as one who is willing to heal through the earth and one's own internal divine power... so yeah I'ma witch, he's a witch, she's a witch, wouldn't you like to be a witch too lol.


chief musickhead said...

I think being a witch is a conscious and continued manipulation of energy to a desired it be it prayer, visualization, or honest-to-goodness spellwork.

I love being a Witch myself. Some people think that being a Witch is a monopoly of the European Pagan movements and I don't think so. Witchcraft is worldwide and much much older than Gerald Gardner and Alex Sanders

Awesome Blog! Keep it up Sis!