Sunday, November 22, 2009

I Remember

Early this morning, the ancestors were talking and I remembered...

I remember by beautiful mother's dark chocolate skin.
I remember her mother's skin and my great aunt's skin, dark like molasses.
I remember going to prayer meetings with old brown women who called on the Divine and being answered.
I remember old men deciphering the bible in kitchens where chicken and fish had been fried.
I remember old women kneeling beside beds with chenille spreads before they went to sleep and doing the same when they rose.
I remember sleeping on big old soft beds surrounded by love.
I remember pancakes made from scratch and Alaga syrup.
I remember being rocked to sleep and sleeping against big brown bodies.
I remember kisses and hugs just because I was me.
I remember laughter and food, always laughter and food.
I remember spades and dominoes while brown children ran through the house.
I remember Aretha, Sam, Al, the O'Jays and the Jackson 5 playing while folks danced and cracked jokes.
I remember late nights of stories about the old days in Arkansas while I snuggled against some adult.
Yes, I remember and I'll never forget.


N. Amma Twum-Baah said...

I remember too. Much of the same scenarios just in a different environment.

Thanks for becoming a fan of Afrikan Goddess Online. Judging from your blog, i see why:)

I'm a fan of yours already!

Talibah said...

Fantastic piece!